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Hi! My name is Jordan and I'm a tattoo artist working at The Painted Heart Tattoo in Diamond Creek, Melbourne Victoria. I currently work part time and I'm always eager to take on new projects.

I specialise in blackwork/black and grey illustrative style tattoos.

I really enjoy stipple, crosshatching and etching styled tattoos but I also enjoy doing colour pieces as well!

I also enjoy illustrating and I'm happy to take on non tattoo related commissions I specialise in digital art and traditional art e.g. inks and water colours.

I have a degree in illustration received from the University of South Australia and have been tattooing for the last 4 years. I am very inspired by the occult, gaming, nature, Japanese and Western pop culture and love pet portraits ✨ 


 If you have any further enquiries please contact me via email/jotform! and feel free to give my social media a follow below.



To secure a booking with myself a deposit must be paid within 24/48 hours of accepting the time and booking which can be discussed privately. **This non-refundable deposit is $100 dollars**

Please understand the minimum charge for a tattoo is $200. If this deposit has not been paid within the time frame your appointment becomes forfeit and becomes available to the next person.


If you need to re-schedule or cancel your appointment for any reason at all. Please just try and let myself or the studio know within 48 hours beforehand as it gives myself/the studio time to offer your space up for someone else. Please understand contacting me on the day can make things difficult especially if I have already set up for your appointment and you will not be able to get your deposit back. But I also understand that things can get hectic with life and unexpected things happen.

You must understand that I will not tattoo you if you are pregnant and or still currently breastfeeding, under the influence of drugs and or alcohol, under the age of 18, taking medications that would affect your tattoo (medication that can act as blood thinners etc) or if you have a skin condition that would/could affect your tattoo. You must understand that if you are Hepatitis or HIV positive you will not be discriminated against and can still get tattooed just please be transparent with myself due to bloodborne pathogen safety.

You understand that this studio is a safe space and any inappropriate behavior in the studio ( including harassment, racism, sexism etc). And offensive tattoo requests will not be tolerated.
If you have any further questions please feel free to ask!


My hourly rate is $180 and my full day rate is $1000. I also quote by piece if you're after flash. I will give a quote based off of everything you have provided in either your consult or booking email. Your deposit will be included in your quote!

I take bank transfer as well as cash.

If you want to make a change to the size or multiple changes to the final design on the day please be aware the price may change. Please keep this in mind when bringing cash or budgeting for your tattoo.


You can book with me via email at (please understand I do not accept private messages for bookings as they are easy to lose track of and or can be deleted accidentally) Alternatively you can contact my studio via email **PLEASE NOTE THIS STUDIO IS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY**
If for some reason you haven’t gotten a reply from myself or the shop feel free to message on social media and I will do my best to find your email. Or you can fill out my jotform :) 

To make booking easier please refer to the template in your email:

Preferred name and pronouns:

Instagram username:

Tattoo ideas:
(please describe in detail including style e.g. black and grey/colour/fineline/etching etc. And please feel free to include any images and or inspiration for your tattoo the more the better).

Location of tattoo and size:
(in cms is preferable or if you can estimate a rough scale reference a hand for example. Please include a reference photo for large scale and or gap fillers a photo reference of
where on your body you want your tattoo on. Having your body in a natural position is best and getting someone to help you take this photo will make it easier).

Do you have a budget?

What day would you like to get tattooed?
(**Please note** I work part time 3/4 days a week from 11am to 5pm)

Do you have any accessibility requirements?

(including allergies, sensory or privacy requests).

Do you consent to having your tattoo photogra
phed and or possibly posted to social media?


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